Monitoring your network with time-series data

Today’s applications are architectured to work on hybrid, componentized, containerized, distributed, mobile/sensor environments, and so do the networks that sustain all these applications together. Complexity, traffic volume, intolerance to performance degradation and inefficiency will only increase, demanding real-time and holistic monitoring. 

There are several sources of instrumentation for network monitoring data such as: Endpoints metrics, events, logging, sensor data, traffic flow analysis, packet inspection, and synthetic tests. However, often information is collected and visualized in silos, consuming IT resources without providing a complete view of the overall application environment health, all while leaving gaps that can lead to flaws and oversights when assessing network and resource utilization.

Download this whitepaper to learn how A platform to which all monitoring data can converge for storage, alerting and processing is how monitoring should be approached strategically.

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